Images of where you want, when you want

Tell us where to look for images, and on which dates you'd like them taken - this setup is called a pipeline.

Google Maps view of San Francisco Bay | Satellite image of San Francisco Bay

Let us look for results

We will then search our network of satellite providers, using an API to match up your chosen Area of Interest (or AOI) to a satellite which provides coverage of the location within the interval selected.

Spectator Earth Aquisition Plan View   red dots - satellites | dotted curves - satellite trajectories/orbits | shaded bands: satellite field of view

Follow the progress of your pipeline

As soon as the pipeline is created, you can track the results and upcoming intervals.
You can also monitor the status of the pipeline, or edit specific parameters.

Download high quality pictures and metadata

Once the images are taken, you can download them and any associated data to use in post production.

A Delta Oasis in Southeastern Kazakhstan, NASA Earth Observatory

The Parched ParanĂ¡ River, NASA Earth Observatory

Guinea-Bissau coastal waters, NASA Earth Observatory

Ready to explore earth from space?

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